When Your Spouse Has a Stroke: Caring for Your Partner, Yourself, and Your Relationship (A Johns Hop

This is another terrific book. It is a fabulous resource for dealing with the relationship between the stroke survivor and the partner. The Drs. Palmer address with frankness the difficulties a couple faces when the couple survives a stroke. They are keenly aware of, and share, the knowledge that a stroke doesn’t happen to just one partner, but rather to the couple, regardless of which one sustained the physical injury. With care, thoughtfulness, and compassion, they address the needs that a couple have post-stroke; the feelings may be the same, but so many things…from physical and mental limitations to changes in reaction from the care-giving partner…change, that these relationships need special attention and care. The Drs. Palmer address these issues by explaining what couples may be feeling/experiencing, and giving concrete ways of regaining those feelings of ‘couplehood’ that make relationships rewarding and enjoyable. They aren’t about pie-in-the-sky returns to pre-stroke relationships, but rather they deal with the reality of post-stroke situations and what can be done to enhance the present. This is truly a must-read for those who want to make the new normal exceptional.


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