AFTER A STROKE, 300 Tips for Making Life Easier by Cleo Hutton

This is BY FAR the most practical book I have read to date. Cleo Hutton is a nurse who had a stroke. She has learned and documented with great practicality tips on life after the stroke. It is marvelous! It is written from the view point of the stroke survivor…or ‘stroke hero’ as she calls survivors. (Wish I had thought of that term myself! The very term itself shows her positive outlook.)

This book gets to the nitty-gritty of what needs to be done. The tips Hutton gives are incredibly practical. They allow the caregiver to help set the survivor up for success and allow the survivor to control their environment and capabilities, and experience great independence. (Independence creates pride of accomplishment and pride of accomplishment creates a positive outlook. So, before you read one word, you can already see why this book is tremendously valuable!) From giving tips to how to shave on the affected side, to how to pay for prescriptions, and how to resume intimacy, Cleo Hutton is a fabulous guide! She gives adaptive tips for bowling, card playing, fishing, and so much more. It is the only book I have read to date which is written by the survivor, rather than a caregiver of one sort or another. This allows Hutton to provide a view from the inside, with 300 tips on how to resume an active, vital life. (Many of her relationship tips are pretty helpful even if you haven't had a stroke!)

I cannot recommend this book strongly enough. This is ABSOLUTELY the second book any care giver or survivor should read. (Mine, of course, being the first!)


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