Guided Meditation

A few minutes of relaxation and peacefulness to revilatize your spirit.

If you've never given meditation a try, now is a perfect time!  For ages people have used meditation to move beyond the stress-inducing thoughts and emotional upsets that can cause anxiety, and into the peace and clarity of present moment awareness. The variety of meditation techniques is practically limitless, but the goal of all approaches is the same:  the cultivation of mindful awareness through which one can be free of suffering.  Stress is a form of suffereing. It is a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.  If one of your dearest loved ones has had a stroke or other brain injury, you are facing adverse and very demanding circumstances!  Take a few minutes to settle your mind and sooth your spirit.  You'll be amazed at the difference this can make!


Please note that additional guided meditations will be added to this page, and periodically they will be changed to keep this page fresh and useful.  Book mark the page and check back regularly!  These meditations are like mini-vacations for your mind and spirit, but no passport, flight arrangements, or hotel reservations are needed!

Guided Meditation 1 - a 10-minute guided relaxation to ease anxiety and worry.  It is soothing and calming.  Try'll be amazed at how much you can relax and be more at peace in only 10 minutes.

Guided Meditation 2 - a 9 1/2-minute guided relaxation designed for caregivers, with the awareness of the weight of their mantle of responsibility.  Christine Gordon, the instructor guides you through physical relaxation which is incredibly calming.  As you settle in that relaxed place, your brain finds a respite from the worries of the moment and worries about tomorrow.  This meditation does not specifically mention caregivers except in the title, which lets you know it is designed for you.

Guided Meditation 3 - a 7-minute guided relaxation to provide inner strenth for caregivers.  Kerry Wanamaker, leads you through a very brief but powerful relaxation and strengthening session.  She specifically acknowledges the pressures and often-overwhelming nature of caregiving.  7 minutes of calming encouragement.  You may want to come back to this one time and again!