Help Me, My Husband Had a Stroke is a practical, clear, and encouraging source of information for caregivers of stroke and TBI survivors. It is a road-map for what to do next.  It was written to fill a specific void of information that the author encountered when her husband had a stroke.  She knew the experts knew what she should be doing to help, but trying to navigate through these new waters, seemed like she was reinventing the wheel.  As a result, she wrote this ebook to share what she learned with you.  This book is a must-have resource for anyone in a similar situation.


While specifically directed to spouses of stroke survivors, it is invaluable for anyone caring for a loved one with a life-changing injury. Arranged chronologically, it concisely outlines what needs to be done from the time of injury through full recovery, and gives specific details about how to do it. It has downloadable spreadsheets to track medical information and expenses which may be tax deductible. It contains information about applying for insurance and disability benefits, returning to work, and much more. It is loaded with usable tips and advice and also contains honest relays some of the emotional challenges as well. There are numerous links to additional helpful information.


This book feels like it was written by a knowledgeable friend. It is hopeful and encouraging, while being realistic. Help Me, My Husband Had a Stroke is a useable roadmap which helps caregivers move forward in their new role with confidence, because someone who has taken the journey before is guiding the way.

Help Me, My Husband Had a Stroke 

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