Caregiver Corner is just for you!  If you've found us, you've likely experienced just how much of your energy is devoted to helping your survivor.  (That would be about 200% of your energy!)  That doesn't leave much time or energy to take care of you.  So welcome to the Caregiver Corner!  It may be just what the doctor ordered...for you!


At this time, I'm providing links to brief, inspirational pieces which may speak to you.  Hopefully you will find them heartening and encouraging.  There's also an uplifting quote for each week.  (If you like it, you might write it on a card...put it in your wallet or tape it to your mirror.  Little things that give you hope, peace, or just a smile do feed your soul, even if just a bit.)  This blog is continually changing in response to your needs.  If there is something you would like to see more of, by all means, contact me!  





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